adSage|OnlineTimes Corporation Awarded 5 Outstanding Awards at 2018 Baidu KA Conference

adSage|OnlineTimes Corporation attended the 2018 Baidu KA conference held in Xiamen, China on March 6, 2018. Many of the digital marketing and search engine giants and contributors attended this event.

As Baidu’s long-term partner, we received 5 outstanding awards at this conference and presented its leadership role in the digital advertising industry in China.

In the past year, Baidu focused on establishing the AI Innovation channel. The Apollo Plan marked the beginning of innovative technology in the area of artificial intelligence. We will partner with Baidu on continuing the most cutting-edge technology and the best quality service for our clients and partners in both US and China.

adSage Chairman Dr. Tang Named Jiangsu Advertising Industry Leader

Beijing Dec. 20th, 2016 – adSage won a Gold Medal from the annual Zi Jin Advertising Industry Award in Jiangsu, China, for its brand marketing campaign “Su Ning App Distribution”. adSage Chairman, Dr. Zhaohui Tang, received the annual Jiangsu Advertising Industry Leader and Zi Jin award from Jiangsu Advertising Association.

As the founder of adSage, Dr. Tang sticks to emphasize the important role of technology in digital marketing. He said, “adSage always targets to bring the best performance to our advertisers worldwide.”

 adSage’s branch in Wuxi, Jiangsu Province, is located at the first Online Advertising Industrial Park in China. It has now grown into an industry leader in the region. 

 About adSage

 adSage is a leading multi-channel digital marketing company serving more than 5,000 clients worldwide. It provides integrated marketing services, solutions and products across media, across devices, and across borders. The company offers SEM & SEO services, mobile advertising, social media marketing, app distribution, native ads, mobile DSP, China marketing strategy consulting and more. Visit us at


Great Moments of GroupM-adSage Cooperation: Deepening the new direction of “one-stop” search marketing services


On May 24, 2016, adSage announced a partnership with the world’s largest media investment group, GroupM. With ONEDESK platform, adSage will further enhance the automation and optimization to provide “one-stop” search marketing services for all brands.

To such a groundbreaking collaboration, CEO of GroupM China Jun Xu said, “GroupM has the exclusive marketing tools, and also actively works with the best technology partners to bring higher ROI for its advertisers. adSage’s SEM technology tools will better improve account performance, customer conversion and brand communication.”

Persistence is the Key to Success

With the rapid development of programmatic Ads buying systems and multi-platform advertising, how to identify data and users through different channels is a great challenge. ONEDESK has become the solution to provide one-stop search marketing services. ONEDESK platform integrates data through DSP, ADN, SEM, APP distribution, including Search, Cross-platform and DSP service. It collects data from different channels to precisely reach out to the targeted audience.

The chairman of adSage, Dr. Zhaohui Tang said, “The ONEDESK platform follows the concept of ‘across channel, across platform, across border’—to achieve mainstream coverage of Chinese-US across PC, mobile, iPad, TV and others. It also supports search engines, mobile DSP, social networking, video, and app store docking and digital marketing services.”

ONEDESK platform was derived from the deep reflection and exploration of adSage. Nine years of hard work and excellence, adSage is working towards big data, and contributing to the digital marketing industry.

Determination of Market Dominance

As part of the WPP plc, GroupM is a global leading media investment group, serving as the parent company to agencies including Mindshare, MEC, MediaCom, Maxus and Xaxis. GroupM’s primary purpose is to maximize the comprehensive strengths of WPP’s media communications agencies in performance-enhancing activities such as trading, content creation, sports, digital, finance, proprietary tool enhancement and other business-critical capabilities. GroupM has always been committed to customers and other stakeholders to create market dominance.

In the Internet era, big data mining and intelligent application determine the future of contemporary digital advertising development. With the catalysis of diversity of mobile displays, cross-platform marketing and programmatic buying systems are in full swing. The cooperation between GroupM and adSage will further lead the China digital performance marketing in technology and service industries.