In this new age containing terabytes of data flowing across the globe at any given second, it is hard to make sense of it all.

OnlineTImes Data Services can provide actionable insights to help all stakeholders make decisions inexpensively and efficiently.

Customer Segmentation
Drive more relevant customer facing ads and maximize your exposure at the opportune moments.

Digital Media
Mine data from social media, videos, games, apps and any other digital marketing campaigns to identify customer trends.

Engine Recommendation
Expand new business opportunities through recommended engines supported by data.

Log Analytics
Get reports from App and web logs to better understand customer behavior and gain real time insights into market changes.

Why choose adSage?

Our Senior Developers have 20+ years of experience working in Data Services
We have partnered and developed Big Data tools for Yahoo, Baidu, and Microsoft
We deliver a full service including system integration, product launch support, and technical support.

Software services